Awakening Soul

Awakening Soul

By Tracy Lanum

When local journalist and author Tracy Lanum was seven years old, she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Her family never came to terms with the disease. She describes their sense of bereavement following her diagnosis. Her daily struggle to cope with their sense of loss carried through from her childhood to her adult years. She wanted very much to win their love and approval, but her life-altering diagnosis ended any chance of a normal life.

This inspiring story is Tracy’s memoir of growing up “afflicted”, and have the inner strength to cope. She has written a moving and personal testimony of the harsh reality and consequences of never feeling “quite right”, and of her parents and their inability to accept her because of her diabetes. Tracy writes of her bewilderment, questions, pitfalls, explorations, shortcomings, mistakes, poor decisions and truthfulness throughout her lifetime as she searches for herself. She had the stamina, courage and honesty to make herself vulnerable by revealing her innermost questions of herself and others.

Anyone who grew up “less than perfect” will understand Tracy’s struggle to fit in to the family hierarchy. By the end, we believe you will agree that her battle over a lifetime has indeed awakened her soul.
Tracy Lanum is a native of Warren, Ohio, now living in Gloucester, Virginia. She has lived in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and California, where she was employed for16 years as a social worker in Child Welfare and Adult Protective Services.
She won third place in the Chesapeake Bay Writers 2016 Golden Nib Contest in the non-fiction category. She serves on the board of The Writers Guild of Virginia.

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