Membership Application for Chesapeake Bay Writers Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club

Application for Membership
In order to be considered for Chapter membership in the CBW:

1. Applicants should demonstrate a sincere interest in writing, whether for pleasure or income.

2. Dues for the calendar year must be paid. Persons applying for membership between January 1st and June 30th of the calendar year should submit payment for the full year ($25.00). Dues for the current year for those joining after June 30th is  pro-rated at half the full year amount ($12.50).

3. Complete the application form below. After you click on the Submit link, you will see a link to pay online via Paypal/Credit Card/Echeck, or you may mail a check to:
Treasurer, Chesapeake Bay Writers, P.O. Box 324, North, VA 23128.

Fill out my online form.

How to Join Virginia Writers Club

VWC Membership is independent of CBW Chapter Membership and requires a separate application and dues payment. If you wish to join the Virginia Writers Club (VWC), click here.